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September 10, 2008
In progress...

For some reason, I just started 2 scarves at the same time - both with natural color yarn - a little boring, but soft, pretty and oh so practical! I saw both of these scarves on Kay's blog (From The Back Yard) last winter and got the patterns, but wasn't able to start them because of my shoulder.

knitpurl scarf


Knit/Purl Scarf in Morehouse Merino sport weight Ondeleux Cables in Classic Elite Posh Cashmere/Silk

I want to knit another sweater, but have an unalterable rule about only having 1 sweater on the needles at a time. SO....I pulled out Tangled Yoke and spent the afternoon trying to figure out where I was when I stopped last January. Of course it wasn't easy - I had stopped right in the middle of a row in the middle of the tangled cable. I now have my bearings and should be able to get this done soon.

Tangled Yoke

I haven't finished machine quilting the bali scrap quilt, but I couldn't wait to try making a few of these stars for the next quilt. Now back to manhandling the bali quilt through my sewing machine...

mothergoose stars

Lastly - I started and ripped some Cat Bordhi Woven Ridge Socks. I love the pattern, but I used the yarn (Artyarns Handpaint Stripes) that she used, and they were way to thick and stiff for me on 3mm needles - since I don't want to abuse my shoulder, I decided it was better to rip and have this beautiful yarn in hand for something else.

woven ridge artyarnhandpaint

I also have the Journey Cable socks going, but haven't made enough progress for another picture - maybe next time!


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