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May 21, 2009

I've been faithfully knitting along on my beautiful lace shawl - My 1st knit of the day - 4 rows every morning. It is always scrunched up in my lap and on my needles. I never even spread it out to look anymore because I know this pattern now - I'm SO sure of myself with it - every row is lining up perfectly and it will be done in 5 days.
Just before leaving for coffee and knitting with Laurie, Lucia, and Manise, I decided to lay it out on the floor and look at it...OMG!

Alpine Lace
unblocked error riddled Alpine Lace shawl

Not once, but twice I made a huge honking error - how did I do that TWICE? How did I miss seeing this blatant error over and over again while knitting on it for months? It's very obvious now - I know exactly what I did. If you look at the center 8 row repeat, everything is perfect. I repeated the 1st 4 rows of the edging chart twice (Those 4 rows are the same and line up, so while knitting I couldn't tell. Instead of knitting row 5, I knit row 1 again when my chart keeper was knocked off or something). Can I live with it? YOU BET I CAN!
My kind knitting friends said it could be considered a design element since I did it twice! In fact I realize, maybe I'll even wear this shawl more than my other ones BECAUSE there is a mistake and it's not perfect - sometimes it's scary to wear a perfectly knit lace shawl :-)

a close up of IT...

Next time you see my Alpine Lace Shawl, there will be no mention of this - It will be blocked, beautiful and I'll be happily wearing it around my shoulders!

Got my tsock kit for Daughter of the Regiment - what a sock art masterpiece!
Here is the kit as it was
when it arrived on my doorstep. To me the "red" yarn was orange and I wanted it to be red, so within minutes of opening the package, I decided to overdye it. With pure beginner's luck, I have created the perfect red yarn - and just to let you know, in my hurried crazy dyeing frenzy, I found out that balsamic vinegar (I had nothing else) works just fine!

Tsock kit

Aren't the little boot laces great?

tsock toe


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