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February 4, 2010
Sock and Sweater Spinning

Warning - an abundance of yarn pictures!

I started with this beautiful FatCatKnits Blue Faced Leicester fiber from January's Mixed Blessings Club...

FatCatKnits BFL

and spun 248 yards/230 yards of regular 3 ply fingering weight yarn (for those who want specifics - I divided each braid in half lengthwise - then divided each of these lengths into 3 widthwise chunks and to further mix it up, divided the 1st piece in half lengthwise, 2nd piece in thirds lengthwise, and 3rd piece left whole.)

FatCatKnits BFL

I love this yarn - such a beautiful combination of colors! I knew when I started plying that I wanted to use it for colorwork socks, but wasn't certain the contrast would be strong enough for my fairly intricate sock pattern plan.

FatCatKnits BFL

(click pic for close up view)

FatCatKnits BFL

I just ran outside and took this picture - not a great photo, but you get the idea. This is the cuff for Faux is Fair by Robyn Gallimore/ Red Bird Knits - I'm excited that the contrast seems to be strong enough to hold up with this pattern - who knows what will happen on the rest of the socks - in some places the 2 colorways get close.

Faux is Fair

Sweater spinning...

Oatmeal BFL Bobbins

I am on such a great roll with this oatmeal BFL spinning. At first I had trouble getting consistent 3 ply worsted weight yarn, but I finally seem to have the hang of it - I use my little ply back sample taped to the wheel - and check to make sure I'm in the ball park every once in awhile. Now I pretty much have a feel for it and don't need to check as often.

Here are 2 of the skeins - I've since finished 4 more (all about 100 grams) and have the singles started for the last 2 skeins, then it will be sweater knitting time. I don't have a pattern picked out yet, but my mind is loaded with possibilities.

Oatmeal BFL Yarn

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