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January 2, 2010
Mittens for January

A quick peek at new mittens in progress...

Annemor 5

I'm using leftover handspun from these socks - held doubled - coupled with Elann Peruvian Wool to make Annemor 5 from Selbuvotter.


The FatCat Falkland handspun, is turning into Sawtooth Mittens - I was worried about the color contrast, but I think it's going to work :-)

Chevron Love Mittens

and on the VERY bright side - I'm finally making Chevron Love Mittens (I've had the kit for quite a long time!) - I've opted to only use 5 of the 8 colors provided - I did the math and there should be enough.

I'm will try to have them all done by the end of the month for NaKniMitMo!

spider egg sac

Remember the spider? Here are the babies in January - There are actually teeny spiders in those sacs - they hatched sometime in the fall and will survive in the sac until spring. BRRRRR..looks so cold in there!

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