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March 22, 2010
Luxury Spinning

My birthday gift to myself this year was a subscription to the Spirit Trail Fiberworks Handspinning Club. Jennifer beautifully hand dyes different luxury, exotic, and basic fibers which arrive on my doorstep each month - the gift that keeps on giving!

Spirit Trails Cashmere Silk

Spirit Trails Cashmere Silk

Spirit Trails Cashmere Silk February's fiber was 50% Cashmere/50% Bombyx Silk in Water colorway. I spun 638 yards of a 2 ply heavy lace/lt. fingering weight yarn from 104 grams of this heavenly fiber. The spinning was surprisingly easy and fun - I had heard that cashmere/silk was difficult to spin, but this was wonderfully prepared fiber and it just flowed into my wheel evenly and smoothly.

You can sort of see the silk shimmer in the pictures above (esp. if you click for bigger version), and below you can see soft luscious cashmere halo - definitely the softest fiber I have ever spun!

Spirit Trails Cashmere Silk

Making a shawl pattern choice is not easy with SO many options - I spent 2 days with all my lace books and I swear I looked at almost every shawl/wrap on Ravelry. Who knows if I'll ever wear it, but if I ever become a shawl wearing person (which will soon be a MUST since I love knitting shawls!) - I have a vision of wearing it with white.

Here is the beginning of Clothilde - a simple, but beautiful triangular lace shawl. I have more than enough yarn, so I can make it any size - My current plan is 4 repeats of Gull Wing Lace and 3 repeats of Spearhead Lace.

Clothilde Start

Cassidy is all in 1 piece. My favorite sweater ever - Finished pictures coming soon!


With this awful new comment system (that I haven't figured out how to change), I am often unable to respond to people who ask questions since I don't know how to get in touch with them (no way to put in email info and difficult to put in blog address). So I will occ. try to answer questions here.

marie-andree wrote: Hi! I'm a follower of your blog. I receive it by google reader but I don't see the pictures. I have to go to your blog. I've got over 80 blogs I'm following and your the only one I've get to go to the blog.

Marie - I know it is inconvenient and I'm really sorry! Let me try to explain....I manually create this fake blog. I don't use any blogging platform like Blogger, Wordpress, Moveable Type, Typepad etc. - I just create the web page myself and manually make archives/posts/galleries. In order for feed readers like Google Reader and Bloglines to find me, I publish my own feed and I have no idea how to put the whole post in a feed reader. I would love to switch over to regular blogging software or a blogging service, but I would now lose all 4 years of my blogging history. I know it is way behind the times and I'm truly sorry.

Elizabeth, Guest and Carie all asked versions of the same question about my recent handspun socks ....I too would love to know how you spun the yarn so that the colors almost matched! Is that serendipity, or did you do something magic?

Right now I'm knitting a pair of handspun socks that are wildly fraternal, but with Faux is Fair, the spinning was planned. I divided each braid into 2 lengthwise sections (one for each sock)- I further divided each section horizontally and vertically and then spun 4 separate skeins of yarn - 2 for each sock - luck was with me and the color changes sort of matched :-)

First Crocus


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