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May 11, 2010
Octavia and Whirlwind

I have been in fiber glory playing with this gorgeous Corriedale fleece.

octavia and whirlwind

My friend Marcy and I dove headlong into fleece - we bought 2 amazingly gorgeous Corriedale fleeces from Whitefish Bay and split them (what crazy fun THAT was!) between us.

Octavia's FleeceOctavia has a 5.25 lb Very Fine gorgeous pale gray/white, silver gray bi-color fleece.

Whirlwind's FleeceLittle lamb Whirlwind has a 3.88 lb. Extra Fine medium to silver gray with brown tips variegated fleece.

After scouring (pun intended) the internet, I settled on this method of washing/drying. I knew I wanted to keep the locks in order for combing later, so separated the locks and placed them in small lingerie bags (I've never washed lingerie in a bag - I'm WAY more careful with sheep fleece than lingerie!) I washed them 4 bags at a time in my double kitchen sink. 2 VERY hot washes with lots of Joy dish soap, followed by 2 hot rinses, 1 with a glug of vinegar and 1 with a squirt of hair conditioner. You cannot believe how clean this fleece was - the water turned yellow in the 1st wash from all the lanolin, but there was NO dirt/vm - nothing!

Fleece washing

Then set them out to dry on a sweater rack. This was my very perfectionistic start - it became much more disorganized as time went on with no ill effect to the fleece.

Drying Fleece

Just look at this pretty striped Whirlwind lock - she has not completely decided what color she wants to be.

Whirlwind Lock

Octavia started as 2 lbs 8 oz. and ended up 1 lb. 10.9 oz. and Whirlwind went from 1 lb. 12 oz to 1 lb. 3.7 oz. after washing


THE PLAN... I'm going to use this fleece as an experiment and try all different ways of prepping - I'll flick the ends and spin some from the lock, use mini combs and make roving for worsted spinning, and use the leftover from that to handcard and make rolags for woolen spinning - I've got plenty to learn, but it sure is fun!

The little lambs are from my 12 y.o. son, Cam - for Mother's Day :-)

Combing and Carding

For everyone who doesn't love fleece and for a little color, here is what else I've been doing...

bok choy
peas, lettuce, bok choy, broccoli, tomatoes, spinach, peppers, potatoes

So far, it's a happy garden - YUMMMMM!


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